About Us

Music has changed the world. It's a form of expression and should be heard at the highest, premium level. When you hear music that you like, when you're listening to a book of your choosing, you get excited, or motivated or you may become active. The sounds can relax you and sometimes the sounds help you become focused. You can take this everywhere.


For the athlete in you, the fitness guru, if you work from home or just want to be alone, RayTec has you covered.



Kelly is the owner and CEO of RayTec. A  mother from Cleveland, Ohio decided to take a chance on starting a business. Knowing how challenging it can be to find a good product at an affordable price, Kelly decided to create RayTec because quality shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag.


We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best price for our products.  We value quality over price.


Here at RayTec we give back to our community so when you support us, you are allowing us to give to fulfill our dream to support The United Negro College Fund. Education is power!


RayTec, whatever you do, wherever you go, your soundtrack should follow.


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